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I really wish this had fallen on a work day...

Day 2: make a bulleted list of everything that happened in your day

-Tried to sleep in, but kept getting woken up
-Got up around 10am, later than usual, but less rested
-My mom left to go to some church gathering.
-Dr. Pepper for breakfast while browsing internet. Bad.
-Sister came to tell me neighbor's blind poodle is missing.
-Walked around the neighborhood looking for blind poodle.
-Posted to Facebook about lost dog from phone.
-Didn't find any trace.
-Came back home.
-More internet browsing.
-Sister asks me to make Lost Dog sign.
-Tried to figure out what software to use since Adobe subscription is expired.
-Printed 15 copies.
-My mom brought home chips and dips and stuff to make sandwiches.
-Ate lunch while browsing internet.
-Sister tells me they found the dog (without using the flyers).
-Deleted Facebook post.
-Shopped on ebay for vintage license plates. Bought a matched pair.
-Was reminded of vintage telephone.
-Dug vintage telephone out of storage to clean up. Decided to clean it later.
-Checked mail. Received comic book for me; magazine for my sister
-Looked at comic book (X-Files Season 10 Art Gallery #1). Decided it wasn't worth the $4 + shipping I paid for it. They should have just had it for free to look at on their website.
-Brought in laundry and put it away.
-Petted "stray" cats.
-Fed "stray" cats
-Unhooked laptop from monitor in bedroom and hooked it up to tv in living room.
-Watched Rizzoli & Isles with my mom.
-Ate chips with dip.
-Walked down the road to where my mom's truck is parked to retrieve the strawberry cake she bought.
- Ate a piece of strawberry cake; the icing was horribly sweet and gritty
-Continued the Rizzoli & Isles marathon
-My mom fell asleep.
-Brushed teeth.
-Cleaned in my room just long enought to say I cleaned in my room.
-Moved laptop back to bedroom.
-Browsed more license plates.
-Got ready to watch dvd from Netflix.
-Discovered disc is broken.
-Reported broken disc to Netflix.
-Decided to watch Shanghai instead.
-Couldn't stay awake; decided to just go to bed
-Ended up spending an hour researching how to capture screenshots from blu-rays; still don't know
-Posted to Dreamwidth
-Presumably went to bed.

I left out a lot of things like how many times I went to the bathroom (I was sick. It was many.) among other things.


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