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 My weekend didn't go as planned.

Saturday was mostly spent running errands. Then I raked leaves for about an hour.  Most of the rest of the evening was wasted trying to repair dvds with one of those cheap dvd repair systems. I suppose I'll waste a few more bucks on some sandpaper before I shell out money for one of the more expensive systems.

I didn't quite get around to the Adobe Illustrator tutorials today. I couldn't get my pen tablet to recognize the pen even after reinstalling the drivers. I've had nothing but problems since Windows 10 forced its way into my life. Lately I've been having problems with the audio stuttering whenever I try to play a blu-ray and also with my computer losing the connection to wi-fi. It disappears until I restart my computer. Also, it hangs up during restart. I might try running a repair program over night.

I did definitely decide to do Random Rewatch as a podcast and spiffed up the logo a little bit. It's just a personal project that I don't really expect anyone to have any interest in. Originally, I conceived the project as a series of short videos, but I don't really feel to comfortable in front of a camera these days. I'd rather hide behind a microphone. I hope to have the first episode up by the first of April.

In the meantime, I'm working on episode 13 of my other podcast.

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