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I didn’t realize it had been so long since I’d written here. I actually started to post an update last week, but then I saw the title of the previous entry, and it bummed me out.


I was really upset by Chris Cornell’s death, even though I only know a handful of Soundgarden songs, about three Audioslave songs and a couple of Temple of the Dog songs. But they are songs I love.


Also, I wasn’t really doing well mentally or emotionally, and I’m generally triggered by talk of suicide prevention. I know, weird, right? It just sets me off to hear people say things like “Don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to someone if you need help. There’s no shame.”


Anyway, a lot has happened since the last entry. I only just this week figured out how to get my music software working again, and I still haven’t hooked up everything I need for recording.


I still haven’t recorded Episode 1 of Random Rewatch, but I still plan on doing it now that I have my music stuff working again.


I canceled Zero Plus Zero, but I think it might get resurrected. Might. I mean, pretty much every episode has been a disaster, but it’s something to do.


This last thing I recorded was an interview with my Twitter friend Christin. It took a lot of editing, but it was a lot of fun. (You can find it here: )


Oh, and I joined a Facebook group for cartoonists that has weekly prompts, but I don’t think I want to participate. I drew one comic and the process was kinda a nightmare.


For now, I think I will just focus on music and podcasts, even though neither really has any potential to improve my future.


But the future looks pretty bleak with the current administration anyway.


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