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I have now made it to Season Four of The X-Files (although I skipped Season One).

Today I watched the Chupacabra episode, which I never really liked. When it first aired, I thought it was boring and gross. Oh, what a difference a few years makes. I laughed mi trasero off.

Ever since I watched "Syzyrgy", I've been paying more attention to when Scully drives. It's actually a lot.

But today's question of the day is "How many times do people try to eat Scully?"

Because Tooms tried to eat her liver...and those crazy Chaco Chicken people tried to kill her and, I assume, eat her...and there was that guy that who stalked women via personal ads and then ate the fat out of them (and that whole episode made no sense to me because that guy was not even the least bit attractive and creepy as hell)...and I haven't gotten to it yet, but doesn't Leonard Betts try to eat Scully, too?

So, yeah, how many times do people try to eat Scully?

I did find this nifty X-Files statistics site, but it doesn't exactly answer my question.

Meanwhile, I started following Amber Benson, Julie Benz and Elisabeth Rohm on Twitter. So far, they are funny enough to stay on my list.

And Annabeth Gish tweeted today, so I'm happy.
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I think I'm addicted to making screencap comics.

Today, I finished watching "Dod Kalm". It took me three days to watch the whole thing, being as how I was otherwise occupied.

I remember watching it when it first ran. "You know...the episode where they're trapped on that ship and they get old."

The thing that struck me today is the scene where Scully mixes up that "fountain of youth" cocktail of sardine juice, lemon juice and the water from a snow globe. Or whatever was in it.

Then she and Mulder argued over who should drink it, each insisting that the other deserved it more. *sigh* Soooo romantic.
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I've decided to keep this journal public, probably, and limit it to things relative to entertainment.

I've spent the last few hours going through files on the external drives. What a pain.

I did come across a couple of songs from NaSoAlMo that were X-Files related.

The first is a cover of Bree Sharp's "David Duchovny" that I did in 2008. My friend Kim suggested it, and, surprisingly, I was only vaguely familiar with the song. Unfortunately, I only had a few hours left in which to learn and record it, so I "chipmunked" it. Also, I changed the "I'm gonna kill Scully" line because that's just wrong. (mp3 - 3.47MB)

The second one is from 2009. I wanted to do something with a spoken narrative in it, and this is what I came up with. It turned out a little more monotone than I would have liked, and the "music" is mostly noise. It's called "Alien Abduction". (mp3 - 3.99MB)
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Okay, well...I'm back.

I deleted my old Dreamwidth account a few months after I started it. I don't remember why. Probably a combination of paranoia and why-do-I-need-another-journal?

Then, my laptop died, and I didn't have internet for over a year.

So, here I am again. Now to figure out what to do with this journal...

The last few days, I've been watching the end of Season 8 of The X-Files with my mom.

My mom: "Is he an alien??"

Me: "No, I don't think so."

[Alien vertebrae revealed on back of neck]

Me: "Oh. I guess he is."

This happened at least twice.

Then when we were watching "Existence", after Reyes did her whale song bit, my mom said, "She's an alien, isn't she?"

And then:

Reyes: "I have to say with everything I know you must be feeling you look amazingly beautiful, Dana."

My mom: "Something's not right about her. Is she an alien?"

God, I hope not. If and when they ever make a third movie, if Reyes turns out to be an alien, I will cry.


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